Tickets are available from now - get yours in the ticket shop. Maker- & Hackerspaces will be able to get a voucher now. Please email winewirewifi át to obtain a voucher code for your org.

Standard Ticket

The Standard Ticket helps us pay for all our expenses with the Event. It will not leave room for any additional stuff or unexpected cost.

Supporter Ticket

Support Tickets will give us room for additional things (e.g. food for angels, decorations, …). Any excess will be managed by Home of Making e.V. and used for future events.

Business Ticket

Please grab a business ticket if your employer ticket is paying for the ticket and needs an invoice.

Unfortunately, we will need to ask for pre-payment of the ticket. Many event-related vendors (e.g. rental companies) have been struggling with COVID. This results in higher prices for rental equipment and stricter downpayment and cancellation policies.

We aim to retain a refund rate of at least 60% if the event can not happen. We will be communicating transparently, and we are well aware that we are handling someones hard earned money, meaning we will try to refund as much as possible. However, please be aware that there are no guarantees.

  • Bank Transfer (SEPA)
  • Credit Card
  • Apple Play/Google Pay

Please use bank transfer whenever possible. Credit cards should only be used in circumstances where a SEPA transfer is not possible.

Unlike other events, we do not have experience with subsidized tickets. Please reach out to winewirewifi át and we will try to find a solution that works for you.

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